balancing work and school

Managing Your Time Efficiently

I will be the first person to tell you being in school while also having a job can get very stressful at times. You truly learn how to put work off until the last possible minute. Over the years, I have felt this stress myself through the late nights at work and the early mornings in class struggling to stay awake. I began finding myself not getting enough sleep or not doing as well as I would have liked on my class assignments. I soon found out managing my time was the key to feeling better mentally and physically as I got enough sleep and had enough time to do what I wanted in my free time.

I started college thinking I could manage a job while being in school, I soon found out it was a very hard task and that it will take lots of discipline to manage my time wisely. Managing your time is very important as you make a schedule for your daily duties and squeezing in time to do what you would like in your free time. The creation of a daily schedule will help you mentally prepare for your next task at hand as well as create more time for sleep which will physically make you feel better. Creating a schedule will not only help you feel better mentally and physically but it will also leave you time to do what you would like which you will also add to your schedule.

The Solution

There are not many steps to this process, the only part I found to be tough is starting and adjusting to it without breaking the schedule and putting work off for a later time. The first step to creating a productive schedule is to purchase a planner or even use your phone calendar. This will allow you to keep track of what day something has to be done or what time you have to attend something. The next step is to write down all of the days you have work and the days you have an assignment due. As you complete assignments, you may mark these out or delete them to create less cluster on your schedule. Doing some of these assignments early if possible will be beneficial later on as you will have time to do extra activities. This leads to my final step, write down extra activities you would enjoy doing if all work is finished or on a day off from work.

Through the process of creating a schedule for yourself, never forget it will not always be easy. There will be assignments that require more work than you had planned. There will also be days you may get called into work which throws off your scheduled day and homework. Through this, sticking to your schedule will remain important as you will still create free time for more sleep or extra activities which is the ultimate goal while in college.

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